Commercial Property & Auctions

There is a huge market for commercial property

Individuals, planning to purchase a property, keep a close watch on commercial property auctions, as it helps them in getting the property required at a rate that is less than the prevailing market price. The price you should expect depends on the location of your property as well as its condition. Spending a small sum on repairing your home, and giving it a fresh coat of paint increases its value manifold.

More information on commercial property auctions

Are you facing financial problems or need more money to invest in your online business? You need not worry as you can easily dispose off your residence through an auction, rent a house, and use the extra money to fund your business. However, you should always seek the help of a professional company, which has years of conducting auctions. This ensures that both you (the vendor), and the purchaser get value for their money. The professional agency will check the condition of the property before determining its base auction price. They will also check if you have outstanding property taxes on the house you want to auction, deduct that sum once the auction process is over, and use that to clear the dues.

Why you should not opt for brokers

Opting for a broker might or might not fetch you the same price for your property as an auction does. This is because the broker has only a limited number of clients on his list of contacts. Apart from this, his clients might be looking for commercial property at specific locations. If your property does not lie in those locations, you might face problems in disposing it off through the broker. On the contrary, if a property is listed in an auction list, it is likely to be sold quickly as potential purchasers always check newspapers and online auction sites to check for properties put up for auction.

The auction process

The auction company allows prospective buyers to examine the property beforehand, as well as inform them about the minimum bidding price. They will also inform the buyers about the auction date. In addition to this, the company holding the auction will publish information about the property, its location, its condition, and its amenities along with the date and time of auction. You can rest assured that you will get a much higher value for your property if you dispose of it via an auction instead of hiring a real estate agent for the task.